Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally, Damn.

so i started drawing it at around 4 yesterday in photoblue, then i had to practice with the ink cuz i wasnt very good at it last time i tried.
Then i scanned the photoblue and printed it out on another slice of bristol.
inked. scanned. colored.

man i was up till 3 am doing the colors, then from 9am to 3pm doing the titles. damn titles take way too long.

and josie and kevin still havent told me what needs to be on the cover yet. prolly another 4 hours headed my way.

well, ya.

llama dvd

So school is finally over and i can be an artist again! YES!

so what shall i do?

well lucky for me i have been asked to design the cover for the Dancing LLama DVD. whoo-hoo.

anyways, i was told to go with the whole starwars look, so i borrow that but of course, i have my own look too, jesus H.

anyways, here is the inked version. the original pencil drawing is the best of all though.
this is before clean-up.

happy times.

Friday, September 15, 2006

i'm ok ur ok

so i never got a migraine! and since then i have had another 4 bottles of OJ!

what do you think of that?

anyways, i have finished my dayum final for 192a. it is finished! not really, i still have a 5 page paper to write on the differences between arnheim and bazin. cool guys, i would prolly get high with bazin so i could say, "hey Bazin, we're Bla-zin"....ha, man i knew i shouldve been a comedian.

ok back to the paper, and then, more shit for secret disease.

Friday, September 08, 2006

migraine mission

so, i suffer from migraines...intense, awful, throbbing ones.

i determined many years ago, perhaps 6, that orange juice triggered my migraines and it was something to be avoided. So for years i have been turning down orange juice, and orange flavored foods, cuz these cause the migraines too. So i figured, well if i ever have a day off to just sit around relax, i'm going to see if its still true.

Besides, i get migraines about once a month, to make up for not having a period i guess, and i have gotten quite used to them. I go blind for about 40 minutes, then it clears up and i am left with pounding head trauma. Now, if i am unable to consume some sort of pain medication like asprin, i wil get nauseus and vomit as my head throbs.

So, I got my bottle of Walgreens asprin and a day to deal with it.
bring it on 8 ounce bottle of Minute Maid premium original.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

United 93

So while visiting my parents, my sister, who works for a video rental store, brought home the ultra patriotic film, united 93.

If you love history channel reenactements, this movie is for you, without all the confusing narrative, historical information. after all, we all know what happened, we just want to relive the horror!
(Notice how the poster puts flight 93 over New York? hmm)

But i'm going to buy the dvd anyways and watch it everynight in memory of those who gave their lives so we could have swell movies like these. Right after i watch The Passion. Man i love watching Jesus get crucified, otherwise i might take my salvation for granted.

viva america!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey i hate everyone. But i love you.

So i officially have 2.5 weeks of summer school left. amazing. But i have been wasting so much time chatting with people, i should be drawing and animating, after all, i have a pretty ambitious project coming up which i am to be the art director. fark.

meanwhile i'm able to get out of the house and do some walking on water which is always therapuketic.